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Sensory Yoga

group and one-on-one yoga and mindfulness programmes in-studio and in schools

Our Sensory Yoga programmes have been evolving from our Hastings studio, across Hawke's Bay schools and in residential settings over the past 6 years. We celebrate neurodivergent children and young people and have had the pleasure and privilege to roll out yoga and mindfulness sessions that are inclusive, accessible and where our students can truly 'be'. 

Sensory Yoga is set in a structured environment designed to reduce overstimulation and sensory 'noise', through the lens of all eight senses. We scaffold skills to support the development of proprioception, coordination and gross motor movement through adapted yoga postures, we approach breath work using props and games to make mindfulness techniques accessible and we create space for guided relaxation to encourage interoception and down-regulation for the nervous system.

Sensory Yoga is for children and young people who have ORS Funding in the High or Very High category and/or attend a specialist education setting, and may have additional health/medical needs. In addition, they may work with an expressive vocabulary in the range of 50-100 words or less (possibly with access to an Augmented and Alternative Communication system) and some may require support with self-care skills and learning to be independent. From February 2024, we will offer a weekly Sensory Yoga class for adults, too.


When designing group or individual programmes, we look at needs through a developmental rather than chronological age lens. In addition, we develop programmes for adults to increase their access to the beautiful practice of yoga using an approach that takes into account every client's superpowers as well as challenges.

Paula has worked as a Specialist Teacher in the education sector for 20 years and her experiences have provided her with the knowledge and expertise to work with neurodivergent individuals, and the ability to meet their needs with compassion. Using yoga and mindfulness techniques to help remove barriers to equitable, successful and independent living, she has had the ultimate honour of observing the incredibly positive impact these specialised yoga programmes have had on her clients' wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Sensory Yoga KIDS


3.30  -  4.30PM

(term-time only)

Sensory Yoga ADULTS


11AM  - 12PM

Sensory Yoga one-on-one

(enquire for free consultation)

Sensory Yoga Schools

(enquire for more information)

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